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Rotary Flexible Backing Plate
  • SKU: 43-073M

Rotary Flexible Backing Plate

    Remove small blemishes with the Rotary 2 7/8 inch Flexible Backing Plate and a 4 inch pad. This compact backing plate has all the rugged features of larger backing plates, yet its perfectly sized for spot polishing. Use the Rotary 2 7/8 inch Flexible Backing Plate with any polisher with a 5/8 inch post.

    Molded Urethane is where it’s at. This material is flexible yet incredibly durable. This plate will last through countless, rigorous uses without falling apart or becoming unbalanced. Balancing is essential when it comes to polishers because an unbalanced plate will bounce, leaving an uneven finish. The reinforced inner construction uses steel struts molded into the center hub to give the plate stability and maintain an even surface for your pad.

    Urethane is highly resistant to heat. The Flexible Backing Plate minimizes the transfer of heat from the polisher motor to the paint to prevent burning. Spontaneous heat build-up is also reduced.

    Remove and replace pads easily from the hook & loop surface. The hook & loop fasteners are molded onto the plate.