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Marine Nano Shop Reboot Medium Cut Compound
Marine Nano Shop Reboot Medium Cut Compound

Marine Nano Shop Reboot Medium Cut Compound


    Reboot medium cut marine compound is engineered with powerful synthetic cleaning agents and cutting edge diminishing abrasive technology to give your boats finish next-level gloss and depth. Our premium grade high gloss polishing compound is ideal for gel coat and marine paint applications. Reboot can be used in 1-step situations. Just enough abrasive to cut and finish down to nearly a swirl-free finish.

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    If you want to restore your vessel to that professional, factory look, this precise compounding agent is a one-step solution that can rip of flatness and oxidation as well as polish.

    Reboot is part of a comprehensive portfolio of marine-grade restoration products. For best restoration results, we recommend following up your Reboot application with Ignite as a final phase for that glossy, professional-level finish.

    Reboot performs best when used with a 100% wool compounding single sided grip pad or double sided pad. Follow up with Ignite or Fusion for dark colors for best results.


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    1. Shake well before using. Do not apply in sunlight or on warm surfaces.
    2. Apply a 2” dab of Reboot Compound for a 2’ x 2’ section and spread with the cutting pad.
    3. Buff at a speed between 1,500 to 2,000 rpm (recommended speed is 1,800 rpm)
    4. Work the buffer side to side slowly as you slowly buff the gel coat surface until most of the product is gone and gloss appears.
    5. Add more compound and repeat if necessary to remove deep oxidation and flatness.

    Perfect for:


    Light correction of fine scratches and oxidation

    Creates a smooth, flat and even finish with incredible gloss and shine

    Light swirl removal in gel coat and marine paint

    Removes dry sanding scratches of 1500 grit

    Long-lasting corrosion resistance and protection

    Does not contain waxes, fillers or silicone

    Maximizing clarity and depth of paint

    Long product cycle