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Next Generation of Normal Boat Maintenance

Ceramic coatings for boats are the next generation of maintenance!
No more constant waxing. Cutting-edge SiO2 Nanotechnology saves you time and money, and gives you more time to enjoy yourself out on the water.

At Marine Nano Shop we have developed a full ceramic coating system designed specifically for boat and yacht application. Included in the marine nano-ceramic coating system is a range of compounds and polishes manufactured to provide the best possible finish for your marine vessel. No matter what vessel you have – be it a flybridge power cruiser with gel-coat in need of restoration, or a brand new center console fishing boat on a trailer – we have a complimenting nano-ceramic solution.

The marine grade nano ceramic coating and preparation system offers a number of benefits to our boating clients not only making their yacht or boat present with an exceptionally glossy hydrophobic finish, which without question will outlast traditional waxes, but it also makes the use of your boat or vessel less of a chore when it comes to wash down. Cleaning up from a day out fishing with your good friends leaving fish blood or bait residues all over the fiberglass cockpit or the combination of wind and salt spray from a return trip pushing into the wind have left yacht covered in that dreaded crust of salt. By nature and the way in which our marine ceramic treatment bonds to the fiberglass gel-coat and forms a protective barrier all of the contaminants, at a nano level dirt and debris no longer have the same opportunity to bond at a molecular level. This lack of surface adhesion allows everything to simply wash of with little effort, our blog on the technology explains this in better detail.

We understand that some of us are new to either ceramic coatings for boats, gel-coat protection or just boating in general, which is where our application articles and network of expert ceramic applicators can assist.

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