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Marine Nano Shop Fusion Si02 Primer Polish
Marine Nano Shop Fusion Si02 Primer Polish

Marine Nano Shop Fusion Si02 Primer Polish


    Fusion SiO2 Primer Polish is a polish with dual functionality. This unique formula will clear up light haze with ease producing a deep, high gloss. The polish works by building a layer of SiO2 resins on the surface which acts as a primer prior to application of a ceramic coating.

    The SiO2 cross-links between your top coat and ceramic coating to provide a stronger bond with the surface. The effortless wipe off and dust free results make for a stress-free final polish. Its non-filling and silicone free blend gives you a TRULY perfect finish every time.

    At Marine Nano Shop, we always put your satisfaction first. Come to us with any questions, comments or concerns you have about our products, and our support staff will be happy to make sure you get the most from your purchase.

    Fusion is part of a comprehensive portfolio of marine-grade restoration products. For best compounding results, we recommend starting with Revive or Reboot for any heavier correction first for a maximum gloss.

    We recommend using Fusion with the following products:

    • a foam or microfiber polishing pad or 100% yellow wool polishing pad
    • A great follow-up to Revive or Reboot


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    1. Always wipe down with our Prep Wipe prior to applying Fusion Primer Polish and Liquid Crystal Armour ceramic coating. 
    2. Shake well before using. Do not apply in sunlight or on warm surfaces.
    3. Apply a 2” dab of Fusion Polish for a 2’ x 2’ section and spread with the foam or microfiber polishing pad.
    4. Polish at a speed between 1,500 to 2,000 rpm (recommended speed is 1,800 rpm)
    5. Work the polisher side to side slowly as you slowly polish the gel coat surface until most of the product is gone minimal swirls are present.
    6. Add more polish and repeat if necessary to remove minor swirls and holograms.
    7. Allow 30 to 60 mins between applying Fusion and Liquid Crystal Armour.

    Click below for more detailed instructions on Liquid Crystal Armour installation.

    ----> Marine Nano Shop Wash Care & Guarantee Handbook

    Perfect for:


    Light correction of fine scratches and hazing

    Creates a brilliant gloss and shine for boats, yachts, etc.

    Light swirl removal in gel coat and marine paint

    Removes dry sanding scratches of 1500 grit

    Increases adhesion properties of SiO2 coatings and sealants

    Does not contain waxes, fillers or silicone

    Maximizing clarity and depth of paint

    Marine-grade polishing with effortless, dust-free wipe off