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Marine Nano Shop Nano Sealant Polymer Synthetic Wax
Marine Nano Shop Nano Sealant Polymer Synthetic Wax
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Marine Nano Shop Nano Sealant Polymer Synthetic Wax


    Nano Sealant is a new age synthetic polymer sealant containing extremely strong resins and loaded with polymers. The end result is a boat wax/sealant that delivers an unbelievable shine with unsurpassed durability.  This sealant will leave your gel coat or paint very slick and will bead water for many many months. Apply by hand or with an orbital machine with foam or microfiber pad.

    Whether you’re in the process of a full restoration or just protecting a new marine paint, this product pairs well with Marine Nano Shop's Liquid Crystal Armour lineup.


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    1. Shake well before using. Do not apply in sunlight or on warm surfaces.
    2. Apply a 2” dab of Nano Sealant for a 2’ x 2’ section and spread with the foam or microfiber polishing pad.
    3. Polish using dual action orbital polisher at a speed between 1,500 to 2,000 rpm (recommended speed is 1,800 rpm)
    4. Work the polisher side to side slowly as you slowly spread material in a thin coat evenly on the gel coat surface until most of the product has been worked into the pores.
    5. Wait 5 to 20 mins and remove residual materiel by hand buffing with a microfiber towel.
    6. Add more Nano Sealant and repeat if necessary to additional coats. Wait about and hour in between each coat.

    Perfect for:


    Sealing marine paints and gel coat

    Creates a deep slick gloss and shine for boats, yachts, etc.

    Machine application with easy removal

    Long lasting, durable polymer sealant that will with stand many soap washes

    Loaded with polymer resins for powerful UV protection and bonding properties

    Does not contain waxes, fillers or silicone

    Maximizing slickness, clarity and depth of paint

    Marine-grade polymer sealant with effortless, wipe off