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Ignite Nano Polish
Ignite Nano Polish
  • SKU: INP32

Ignite Nano Polish


    When it’s time for that finishing touch, you’ll want a marine grade polish that can bring out the full luster of your vessel’s gel coat or paint. Ignite mechanically removes scratches, light oxidation, and weathering from hard or soft marine paint and gel coat while the micro sized diminishing abrasives round out buffing scratches and swirls other compounds leave behind. The end result is a deep, wet, glass-like finish that leave you memorized.

    Versatile, durable and easy-to-use, this light-cut reconditioning solution for boats will make your marine paint or gel coat look new again.

    Ignite is part of a comprehensive portfolio of marine-grade restoration products. For best results, we recommend following up your Revive or Reboot application with Ignite or Fusion SiO2 Primer Polish as a final phase for that professional look and a premium, long-lasting gloss finish.

    We recommend using Ignite with the following products:

    • 100% yellow wool compounding single-sided grip pad or yellow wool double-sided pad.

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