Marine Nano Shop Is Now An Authorized Distributor Of Select Buff And Shine Performance Pads And Products For Marine Detailers

Naples, Florida - January 6th, 2019

Regardless of the job, we have you covered. We chose Buff and Shine because they offer a full range of high quality, USA-made, buffing and polishing pads and accessories for the marine industry. Buff and Shine engineers embraced three philosophical principles when developing their pad offering; focus on quality, responsiveness to the needs of users; and, continuous technology improvement. The Buff and Shine recipe for excellence starts with quality materials and adds input from customers and end-users. Then, utilizing high-quality customized manufacturing equipment, the company’s expert product engineers produce consistently reliable and high-quality products that will give the end user better results in less time.

Our team at Marine Nano Shop selected a pad line-up developed for restoring and finishing gel coat and polyurethane marine paints like Awlgrip, Awlcraft, and Alexseal. A combination of wool, foam and microfibers allow for any skilled or non-skilled marine detailer to achieve the ultimate finish using our proprietary polishing system or other finishing systems like 3m, Menzerna, Jescar or Presta.

We ended up choosing traditional 8’’ x 1.5’’ and 1.25’’ wool pads, 8’’ convoluted foam pads and their new “Uro” line which consists of 6’’ wool and microfiber pads.

We know that every job is different in respect to the hardness or softness of the finish. Gel coats are typically hard and require traditional wool, convoluted foam or microfiber pads on a rotary machine while soft finishes like polyurethanes are soft and require soft wool, foam or microfibers on a combination of rotary and random orbital polishers.

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About Marine Nano Shop

Marine Nano Shop is an eCommerece business focused on delivering marine grade finishing and sealant systems that leverage ceramic Si02 nano technology for DIYers and Professionals. In addition to our flagship offering, we also provide maintenance and wash care accessories designed specifically for the maintenance of ceramic coatings.

All orders over $100 are shipped for free in the U.S. We also offer professional pricing for professional detailers.

April 27, 2020 — John Watkins