1. Hydrophobic

Similar to many plants, Marine Nano products are hydrophobic, meaning that they repel water. This is an excellent characteristic in a boat coating as it helps protect the boat’s exterior from inclement weather, saltwater, and fish blood/guts from sticking to the boat’s sides and damaging it over time.

2. Protects from UV

All Marine Nano products have built-in UV protection to protect the gel coat, paint, rubbers and plastics from aging and fading. This ensures that the finish of your vessel retains a brand new appearance with less maintenance required in the future unlike traditional wax that requires frequent upkeep.

3. Protects From Saltwater, Oxidation, Stains, Chemicals and More

Having a smooth hydrophobic surface enables Marine Nano Ceramic Coatings to keep your boat clean and free of contaminants.

4. Resistant to Scuff Marks

Nano-ceramic coatings like Marine Nano Ceramic Coatings protect surfaces from scuff marks, lite scratching and daily wear and tear.

5. Flexible

Marine Nano Ceramic Coatings are ideal for use on fiberglass hulls and surfaces that expand and can deform from persistent exposure to outdoor elements and/or inclement weather. Unlike acrylic sealants that crack and flake up, ceramic coatings remain intact, thus making them suitable for several different applications including upholstery.

6. Durable

Marine Nano Ceramic Coatings provide greater durability than acrylic sealants or traditional wax. While long-term durability depends on many factors, most coatings can last 12 months to 36 months above the waterline as long as you maintain the ceramic coating and do not subject the boat or yacht to excessive abrasion or wear and tear.

7. Enjoy Beautiful Gloss and Shine

After you have coated your boat or yacht with Marine Nano Ceramic Coatings, you will immediately notice a dramatic improvement and how your vessel stands out with a permanent shine and beautiful gloss.

8. Requires Less Maintenance

Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic or water repellent where the water rolls off the surface and even grabs dirt and grime on its way off, creating a self-cleaning effect. This helps keep your vessel clean and makes. hand washing easy. You will not need to use heavy detergents and chemicals because maintenance is much simpler now.

9. Increases Boat’s Top Speed and Fuel Economy

Professional ceramic coatings like we offer at Marine Nano Shop help reduce drag when applied to the hull bottom. This increases fuel efficiency and thus how much fuel you need for your boat. In addition, ceramic coatings decrease surface tensions, thus increasing your boat or yacht’s top speed at cruising RPM’s.

April 27, 2020 — John Watkins