Marine Grade Nano Coatings have a wide variety of applications. Because of the unique versatility of the coatings we offer, we have developed a list of commonly asked questions specific to the coatings that Marine Nano Shop offers to help individuals better understand each application, the process, and lifespan of the coatings.

Q: What types of applications are offered with Liquid Crystal Armour?

The coatings we offer were developed for marine grade applications. The coatings work well on gel coat, paint, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, isinglass, rubber, plastics, electronics, and vinyl. 

Q: Can the ceramic coatings be applied to non-skid?

Ceramic coatings can be applied to non-skid but require more material and can potentially make the non-skid slippery. We don’t recommend this application unless the owner is willing to accept the liability and fully understands the risk associated.

Q: Do I need to buff out oxidation and swirl marks before applying the nano-ceramic coating?

A: Yes. Surface preparation is an important step prior to applying any of the coatings that Marine Nano Shop offers. Remove oxidation with a dual-action or rotary buffer compound. Dependent on the level of oxidation, start with a compound that provides the abrasion necessary to remove oxidation from the surface. If your boat has heavy oxidization, the compounding step may need to be repeated to achieve optimal results. Once the oxidization has been removed, use a dual-action or rotary buffer with Marine Nano Shops Nano Polish to enhance the surfaces shine. When you have completed these steps, use Surface Wipe to remove any compound or polish residue, while also decontaminating the surface. Now you are ready to apply the Marine Grade Ceramic Nano Coating.

Q: What is the difference between nanocoatings and a standard buffing and waxing?

A: The coatings we offer were developed to fill in the pours of gel coat or paint, chemically bonding with the surface to create a hard barrier. The variety of coatings we offer enhances the gloss of the surface, while also providing protection 4 to 8 times longer than wax. Traditionally, when the wax is applied, it simply sits on top of the surface, which only provides short term protection. After the wax is applied, each time the boat is washed, the wax begins to deteriorate and come off the surface.

Q: How do I handle the ceramic coating during the application process?

A: The ceramic coatings we offer cure when exposed to the atmosphere. During the application process, we recommend keeping the cap on the bottle when you are not using the material. This will further the lifespan of the material so it can be used again once the seal has been broken. After the bottle has been opened, you have about 2-4 months to use the remaining material in the bottle. If the bottle is filled and resealed with argon gas, the life of the material can last up to another 9-12 months. Marine Nano Shop will always deliver material in 50ml bottles so you can use as you go and not have to worry about the material hardening on you after the bottle has been opened.

Q: What are the best conditions to apply a Liquid Crystal Armour ceramic coating?

A: For best results, we recommend applying the coatings in temperatures ranging from 60˚F – 85˚F. This temperature range allows for the easiest application. The surface must be decontaminated, if you skip this step, you will potentially compromise the chemical bond of the coating, which could lead to underperformance and a shorter lifespan. If you are working in direct sunlight with temperatures exceeding 85˚F, apply the coating in small 2 foot sections at a time. The hotter the surface, the quicker the coating cures. To ensure the surface is uniform, you must buff the coated area with a microfiber towel immediately after applying the coating. Do not apply the coating in the rain, as it will decrease the effectiveness of the product. Allow 8-12 hours for the coating to cure before exposing to water.

Q: Does the ceramic coating flake or peel when it starts to breakdown? Is there any yellowing?

Unlike Poly glow and other permanent coatings, our 18-24 month coatings is a semi-permanent, degradable coating that will diminish evenly over time and will never show any signs of its presence. It is completely invisible to the naked eye and will never peel or yellow over time.

Q: What is the process for reapplication?

A: You can tell the boat is ready to be reapplied with the coating based on how the water reacts on the surface. Once the water does not bead up on the surface, it is time to reapply. Also, if the hull begins to lose the gloss and shine, this is an indication that the coating needs to be reapplied.

Q: What separates the coatings we offer from other nanocoating products in the market?

A: The coatings we offer have been specifically designed for the marine industry, developed to withstand the harsh marine environment. Many other Nanocoatings were originally developed for the automotive industry, then taking the same product and selling it in the marine industry. These products do not adhere as well to gel coat or marine paint as well as the coatings we offer. Because Liquid Crystal Armour is a semi-permanent degradable coating, they do not need to be removed before reapplication, you can layer our products which provides even more protection. Liquid Crystal Armour is a very versatile product. Our coatings can be applied to new boats to enhance gloss and shine of the factory finish, restore the shine of faded hulls, or even be applied on stainless steel or aluminum surfaces. We can offer our coatings for much less because they are manufactured in the U.S.A. and we do not have to pay import tariffs and high shipping costs.

Q: What is the recommended maintenance plan after applying ceramic coating?

A: Ceramic Coatings greatly reduce the time and effort required to maintain your boat. The use of harsh cleaners that damage your gel coat or paint are no longer needed, rinse your boat after each use, this will remove any saltwater or scum build-up. We recommend washing the boat with our Nano Wash which is a non-abrasive soap and a soft-bristled brush every month, easily removing surface stains. To increase the life of the coating, we recommend the use of Activate | Nano Surface Spray every 6-8 months to further enhance the gloss and renew the slick hydrophobic properties of the coating.

Q: How long do the nano-ceramic coatings we offer last?

A: After extensive laboratory and field testing, Marine Nano Shops Liquid Crystal Armour product line up provides protection for multiple year periods depending on which coating you choose from, with only a 15% reduction or less in the 1st year followed by a loss of no more than 10% in the 2nd year. With the use Activate every 1-3 months, you can increase the life span of the coating significantly.

April 27, 2020 — John Watkins