Making the decision to protect your boat with a marine-grade ceramic coating is not easy. It's a big investment compared to going to the marine supply store and picking up a bottle of wax off the shelf.  Because of this, consumers question themselves about how much time and material they will actually need to do the job. Well, to make things easier, we came up with this general coverage chart to illustrate how much material will be needed.

Traditional wax sits on top of the surface and has a larger molecular composition requiring a substantial amount of material in comparison to the nanocoating, which is much smaller in composition and spreads out over the surface providing much more coverage than the wax.

To make it easy to understand, the wax doesn't go near as far as the nanocoating relative to how much material is being used. This is a common misconception.
The coatings we offer last up to 12-36 months depending on how vessel is stored, used and maintained.

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April 27, 2020 — John Watkins