Marine Nano Shop is one of the first eCommerce stores to offer marine ceramic nanocoatings and a full line of restoration products to restore gel coat, painted and metal surfaces to the avid DIYer and professional detailers in Southwest Florida. Our goal is to focus on providing the industries most advanced surface technology and to create awareness about nanotechnology in the marine industry.

What is a ceramic nanocoating for boats?

Ceramic coatings were originally designed for NASA and the oil and gas industry. NASA would use the coating to protect from extreme heat. It was primarily used on oil rigs for easy wash-down and to prevent corrosion. After the huge success consumers saw in the technology, it started to find its way into the exotic car industry to protect expensive paint jobs. Once it proved itself there, it started to move into the aviation and commercial fleet industry. Now, ceramic nanocoatings have started to make their way into the marine industry and have begun to prove themselves by standing up to the extreme conditions that exist here in Southwest Florida.

We all know that the salt and sun can do some damage. What if we had a product that could give you anywhere from 18-24 months of protection and would be really easy to maintain. Would you make that investment for your vessel? Or, would you rather pay a detailer to come out and give you a wax that only last 6 months?

The question becomes, is there value in this new technology? Does it work? And will I save myself any money over the long run?

With my experience, what I have tested the product on and the feedback that I have gotten from skeptical detailers who are now sold on the product is that it holds up to the rigid elements. IT’S THE REAL DEAL! After two years of testing the product, the consensus is that it holds up and is easy to maintain.

April 27, 2020 — John Watkins