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A New Level to Nano Ceramic Maintenance

One of the most misunderstood notions about nano ceramic coatings is that they are maintenance-free. In reality, ceramic coatings reduce the frequency of traditional boat maintenance like compounding, buffing, and waxing, but these high-end polishes will still degrade without proper nano-ceramic maintenance. 

The care you put into your nanotech determines how long it lasts, which is why we've put together an advanced lineup of products specifically designed to maintain and extend the life of your ceramic coating for as long as possible.

Maintenance & Wash Care

Activate Carbon Infused Si02 Spray


Revitalize Si02 Nano Wash


Prep Wipe Alcohol Cleaner


MineralX Stain & Water Spot Remover


Detox All Purpose Cleaner


SM Arnold Swivel Head Scrub Pad Holder


Wash Care and Maintenance Kit for Liquid Crystal Armour Ceramic Nano Coating