Marine Nano Shop offers full-service boat and yacht detailing by licensed and insured professional detailers whose specific focus is exclusively on the marine industry. Our professional detailer network leverages Marine Nano Shop's product line which was developed by reputable marine detailers and chemists working closely together.

Our proprietary reconditioning and restoration process involves a comprehensive multi-stage system involving many different grade polishes depending on the condition of your gel coat or paint.  After we have corrected the surface, we then apply a high-gloss, stain & chemical resistant, polymer-based surface sealant or ceramic coating that will protect your boat/yacht from the elements and maintain the extraordinary shine we have created for many months.

Our Boat Detailing Services Include:

Express Detailing

Express Detailing includes a complete nano wash and chamois hand dry of all fiberglass surfaces followed by an application of our silicone-based polymer spray wax that uses nanotechnology to offer strong bonding and filling properties.

Full Service Detailing 

Our Full Service Detailing includes a complete nano wash and chamois hand dry of all exterior surfaces including vinyl, metal, non-skid, and glass followed by an application of silicone-based polymer spray wax that uses nanotechnology PLUS cleaning above deck compartments, UV vinyl treatment, metal shine, window and helm cleaning using nano cleaners and ceramic coatings.


Removes medium to heavy oxidation from the gel coat. This is recommended for poorly maintained or older vessels.

Metal Cleaning / Polishing 

Cleans, brightens and protects your stainless, chrome and aluminum. This process will also remove minor rust and oxidation and provide long-lasting shine by sealing with ceramic nano coatings designed specifically for marine applications.

Vinyl Cleaning / Dressing 

Designed to remove mold, stains, grease and rust marks giving years back to your vinyl without drying it out. UV protective dressing will help prevent sun fading.

Isinglass Cleaning / Polishing 

Cleans and protects all types of Isinglass and plexiglass windows. This process can remove minor yellowing.

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April 27, 2020 — John Watkins