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Fusion SiO2 Primer Polish

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SiO2 Primer Polish is a polish with dual functionality. This unique formula will clear up light haze with ease producing a deep, high gloss. The polish works by building a layer of SiO2 on the surface which acts as a primer prior to application of a ceramic coating.

The SiO2 cross-links between your top coat and ceramic coating to provide a stronger bond with the surface. The effortless wipe off and dust free results make for a stress-free final polish. Its non-filling and silicone free blend gives you a TRULY perfect finish every time.


Apply four dime size dots of product to a foam polishing or finishing pad. Work a 2x2 sq. ft section at a time using overlapping passes until desired results are achieved. Remove product with a soft microfiber towel.

*always wipe down with our Prep Wipe prior to applying Liquid Crystal Armour ceramic coating. 

Application: Hand, DA polisher

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