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Extra Large Microsuede Applicator Pad
Extra Large Microsuede Applicator Pad
  • SKU: XLMS1

Extra Large Microsuede Applicator Pad

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    Wasted material = Wasted $$$. This XL microsuede pad offers the most efficient and effective method for applying ceramic coatings on large surface areas, specifically mega yachts. By design, the fabric does not soak up and waste material like other foam and microfiber applicator pads. 

    The applicators are good for one use, and should be discarded once both sides have been used. Once the coating cures and hardens in the material, it can harden the fibers making them rough leading to potential scratching. We do not recommend laundering or cleaning the pads, because ceramic coatings are just too tough.

    We suggest using rubber gloves to prevent getting the coating on your hands and fingers.