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Liquid Crystal Armour Pro | 9H Marine Grade Ceramic Nano Coating-50ml

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Liquid Crystal Armour (LCA) Pro is a clear, nano crystalline Si02 glass coating that protects your vessels surface from the harsh elements of the salt water environment. By leveraging the latest nano technology, LCA Pro protects from harsh weather, chemicals, and UV rays while repelling water, stains, dirt and other contaminants. LCA Pro applies a hard (9H), durable coating that is 2-3 micron thick and imparts a deep, reflective shine. Our newer formulations provide an increase in the open work time of up to 5 minutes, meaning you can coat larger areas prior to wipe down.

Unlike many of the other ceramics on the market, LCA Pro is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. LCA Pro consists primarily of solids as opposed to solvents that just evaporate after being applied. This coating is at the top of its game and was diligently tested over a 2-year period.  Although one coat of LCA Pro will last multiple times over compared to marine waxes on the market, it works exceptionally well when layered, improving longevity, shine, slickness, and dirt repellency with each coat. 


A 50ft. boat would require approx, (5) 50ml bottles to cover all smooth gelcoat/paint as a 60ft. boat would need approx. (6)  Remember to top with Activate Surface Spray and also use as a maintenance product to extend the life of the coating. 

Features and Benefits


Our team has found the Liquid Crystal Armour Pro to work extremely well on black plastic, rubber, glass, & stainless steel. The system is guaranteed to significantly extend the life of your vessel's finish and dramatically cut down on the necessity to compound.  



Make sure surface is oxidation & swirl free using any of Marine Nano Shops high performance polishing products. Clean thoroughly using soap (containing no additives) and water. Decontaminate with Surface Wipe. When applying coating, use a suede applicator pad and apply roughly 14-16 drops of coating to applicator to a 14''x 14'' section. Start in the middle and spread to the outside of section. Perform 1 thorough pass vertically and 1 horizontally. Allow to dry for 1 minute and level lightly with a microfiber towel. Let dry for 4 - 24 hours and top with Activate Surface Spray to thicken coating, provide slickness & that hydrophobic effect.  Use Activate as often as possible as a great maintenance item to extend the life of the coating.

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